Cosmetics, ‘Friend Or Foe’

Time: 15:30 - 16:00

Date: 3 July 2018

Theatre: The Royal Society of Medicine


Cosmetic products are placed in contact with the external human body and are designed to have functions that include cleaning, perfuming, changing appearance, correcting body odour, protecting and keeping the body in good condition. They should do no harm. However, epidemiological surveys in the UK have shown that up to 23% women and 14% of men experience an adverse reaction to a cosmetic or personal care product over the course of a year. Although most reactions are mild, studies have shown that up to 10% of patients attending Dermatology clinics who are patch tested, are allergic to cosmetic ingredients, including fragrances, preservatives, PPD, UV filters and (meth)acrylates. This talk will be largely a clinical presentation looking at the spectrum of cosmetic reactions, including contact allergy and the underlying mechanisms of reactivity.


  • Dr Serena Leader Medical Advisor Cosmetovigilance - The Body Shop International Limited

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