Customisation of Lipsticks Using 3D Printing Technology

Time: 17:00 - 17:30

Date: 4 July 2018

Theatre: The Royal Society of Medicine


Cosmetics are presently manufactured by large scale traditional methods – ‘one size fits all’. 3D printing technology has begun to be employed in the cosmetics field for making products and for packaging prototyping. Developments in 3D printing foreshadow the end of standardisation and the beginning of personalised products capable of meeting individual consumer preferences and improving the quality of life. This talk explores the way in which this has been achieved with reference to the manufacturing of bespoke lipstick. The shade of a lipstick and its rheology are already subject to personalisation. However, the application can be achieved in a more convenient way than using traditional methods such as a swivel-up tube. Therefore, the possibility of developing a methodology for manufacturing an innovative personalised lipstick applicator using 3D printing technology is discussed.


  • Dr Milica Stevic Post-Doctoral Research Fellow & Associate Lecturer - UAL/ London College of Fashion

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