Dr David Heath




Dr Heath’s extensive academic career led him to qualify as a medical devices researcher with degrees in physics and engineering, working in a multidisciplinary clinical, commercial and engineering team. Throughout his PhD and post-doctoral research he focussed on transdermal medical technology largely with a commercial focus. Whilst presenting at a skincare conference Dr Heath realised that the expertise he had developed working with transdermal medical technology could be re-applied to solve some of the major challenges in the cosmetic skincare industry.

Dr Heath is now the CEO of Cutitronics Limited, a multi-award winning technology company strategically white-labelling their patented platforms and devices for global premium skincare brands. Cutitronics was founded with the purpose to continuously harness the power of engineering and technology based innovation to support consumers in achieving their desired skincare and beauty results.  In recognition of its technical achievements and entrepreneurial approach, Cutitronics has received numerous awards including acknowledgement and support from the Royal Academy of Engineering, Royal Society of Edinburgh and the ERA Foundation.