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PERSONAL CARE EUROPE is the region’s leading publication for accessing technical ingredient information, featuring high-level scientific articles, industry analysis, interviews, news and formulation data in every issue. Covering a wide range of topics relating to the formulation of personal care products, PERSONAL CARE EUROPE is renowned for publishing information on the best products on the market and presenting the information with accuracy and clarity. This makes PERSONAL CARE EUROPE the go-to publication for formulators, R&D managers, cosmetic scientists and business managers when acquiring information on the latest developments in ingredient technology.

Running in parallel with PERSONAL CARE EUROPE is www.personalcaremagazine.com which not only carries an archive of all the articles published in the magazine, but also features exclusive articles, show previews and reviews, as well as an extensive supplier database. In 2016, the magazine launched a highly successful series of formulation guides, Personal Care’s ‘Little Books’. Together, the magazine, website and Little Books provide personal care industry professionals with an unrivalled resource to assist in the creation of the next generation of market leading personal care products.

W: www.personalcaremagazine.com