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Safic Alcan UK Limited is a one stop sourcing and distribution specialist with an extensive range of raw materials used by the personal care, pharmaceutical, nutritional and specialist chemical industries. As part of the Safic-Alcan Group, Safic Alcan UK Limited has extensive access to export markets.

We provide a diverse range of products and innovation services including our trends and product development platform – Safic’ Create.

The combination of our industry experience, comprehensive product portfolio and innovation services enables us to provide customers with the latest and most relevant speciality technology, coupled with the regulatory backup and documentation needed for effective implementation.

Beyond being a chemical distributor, Safic Alcan UK forms partnerships to assist you at every stage of your business.

Safic Alcan UK
812 Fountain Court
Birchwood Boulevard

T: 01925 848135
E: lifescience@safic-alcan.co.uk
W: www.safic-alcan.co.uk